Sunday, February 26, 2006

why hellor again! long time no see :) i would like to tell you about my horse "princess sparkle larkle" she is white so the other horses tease her - i tell her that they are just jealous but she doesnt believe me.. i think that this is a form of racism personally.. the other horses are all dark shades of brown and black so its sorta like the opposite with humans.. shes such a kool horse but dont worrie im not some horse freek that is like obsessed i just enjoy having my sparkle larkel. she has so much character she makes faces when u give her foood like she puts up her top lip and shows her teeth and smells the air haha shes so special like me mahahaha! well yeah i hope u enjoy my blog on horse racism its a very important issue in australia that needs to be resolved! love lots and lots charlie smart